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Money is a feature only seen as an item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • From a technical point of view all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games involve Money because of the inclusion of various economies within the games.
  • Only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha does money also have a 'physical form' that is seen in the occasional safe or stash.


  • As far as the game is concerned there are six varieties of note coded in the "rubles.ltx" file located in the 'weapons' sub-tree of the filesystem.
  • These effectively design and specify the following items:
  1. 10 rubles - "rubles_10"
  2. 50 rubles - "rubles_50"
  3. 100 rubles - "rubles_100"
  4. 500 rubles - "rubles_500"
  5. 1000 rubles - "rubles_1000"
  6. 5000 rubles - "rubles_5000"
  • All examples employ an object descriptor of generic [ammo] and hence appear as a pack of 9x18 mm rounds if spawned in the wild (see Trivia below)
  • The mouse-overs for each note are coded to display the relevant inventory icon for that value (see infobox)
  • All instances found in stashes, corpses, etc., are instantly added to the player's credit balance and do not show a physical form. Nor may they be 'dropped' or created other than by cheats.


  • Early versions of the game occasionally had these items as potential loot from corpses. Recent versions seem to have deprecated this feature of the game.
  • The safe at the Military Checkpoint contains 50000 Ru and may be opened with the correct combination (4-7-1)
  • A few stashes contain Money, notably Not a storage tank per say....


  • With the object code known, SpawnObj as mentioned in the LA: Tools Kit may be utilized to create as much "fake cash" as required.
  • This is obviously a cheat and should be discouraged.
  • If spawned to the player's actor, the implied cash value is added to the players reserves and NO notes appear in inventory.
  • If spawned to the board instead they take the form of a box of 9x18 mm rounds and mouse over as the relevant 'note'.
  • Such board spawns may seriously slow the game engine down.

Bug Note

  • As mentioned, with the code known and SpawnObj in play; it should be noted that if the player spawns two lots of [rubles_5000] to inventory, this will credit the player with 100,000 Ru instead of the expected 10,000 Ru.
  • Similar behaviour is observed with other denominations and quantities, indicating that the error lies elsewhere in the gamecode or game engine.