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The Minefield is a feature of all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

- Encyclopedia description, v1.30013 - 1.4007


  • A buried explosive device triggered by proximity of a moving object of suitably high mass.
  • Coded in the gamefiles by an 'anomaly' file.
  • Behaves more as a scenery object.


  • Unlike anomalies such as Ameba, Gas or Grabber, the delay between trigger and explosion is around 150msec which will almost certainly result in explosion damage to the intruding body (usually the player)
  • The presence of a minefield may or may not be indicated or notified. This becomes apparent around churches or villages.
  • They are not detected by any device that the player may be equipping.
  • The mines themselves frequently have a rebar post (the trigger) oriented vertically which is often best observed by reflected Flashlight or Night vision effects.
  • These uprights may be absent or well concealed by vegetation.
  • It is possible to identify these triggers with use of the bolt. Successful contacts will produce a 'clicking' audio cue but will not initiate an explosion.
  • Any given mine may be repeatedly exploded. They are not single use devices.


  • The presence of Mutants in the area frequently results in repeated detonations in the distance, this is frequently heard in the Swamps. They, of course, are undamaged by the blasts.