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Regular army soldiers. They guard all roads into the Zone, patrol its perimeter, kill mutants and hunt down looters.

Spetsznaz - elite army troops, usually dispatched to the Zone to conduct rescue operations and other special missions.
- Encyclopedia "Army" entry

Soldiers who underwent special training following their service in the Zone or stalkers who voluntarily signed a contract with the Army. Usually equipped with various support gear and well-armed. Used mainly to study the causes and effects of the catastrophe and to map out the Zone. They can work on their own or in small detachments of up to five people. Military stalkers do not allow normal stalkers to approach and open fire on sight.
- Encyclopedia "Military stalkers" entry

You chose wisely stalker. Good luck!
- Routine military checkpoint TX

The Military is a diverse major faction that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.



  • The Military are an umbrella faction that contains all openly funded "State sponsored" military units. Broadly, this divides into three subsections:
  1. The State Security Service. (The 'grunts')
  2. The Spetsznaz elite troopers.
  3. The Military stalkers.
  • The stance that these units take towards the player varies considerably during the Main mission arc.
  • Although indicated as red 'hostiles' on the player's map and mini-map for the majority of the game, the regular SSS and Spetsznaz units are approachable and will even hold dialogues or enter into trades.
  • Some may even offer Side Missions.
  • In the early and middle game Military stalkers are to all intents and purposes non-existent.




  • Despite what the encyclopedia states regarding Military stalkers shooting on sight, some of these NPCs will assist the player greatly in later stages of the game.