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Meet the Patriarch is a storyline task that may appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This task will be triggered when the player has agreed to find Nomad's Belongings as a prerequisite to Nomad helping gain access to Lab X10.
  • The task will not spawn if the player does not pay the 5000 Ru 'fee' when first entering Radar.
  • The task consists of four nested set-piece sub-tasks which end when the player's actor talks to the Patriarch.


  • As the player leaves Nomad, Captain accosts him/her and offers a stark choice: go and Meet the Patriarch or fight it out.
  • Electing to exterminate the Monolithians tends to complicate matters unnecessarily and there will be plenty of looting opportunities later on anyway.

Sub Tasks

Destroy the helicopter.

Rank increase: +4
Relation increase: Monolith +100

Kill the mutants

  • There are two mutant infestations to eliminate.
  • The first is outlined in Kill the mutants.

Kill the mutants

  • The second infestation is also outlined in Kill the mutants.
  • Collectively they gain the following enhancements to the player's character:

Rank increase: +4
Relation increase: Monolith +100

Meet the Patriarch

  • Having survived all of these minor predations, the player is finally introduced to the Patriarch and a short dialogue ensues.
  • The rewards for this particular sub-task are:

Rank increase: +4
Relation increase: Monolith +10

  • As a further reward, a scripted blowout is triggered and the player should make best speed to Nomad's little hut for shelter.
  • Attempting to use the Monolith Blowout shelters will turn them hostile unnecessarily.


  • If the player has employed Main Mission Strategy exploits such as not freeing the Duty prisoner and has not bothered with the Sin missions, it is very likely that faction alignment is with the Bandits' faction.
  • Jumping to the NPP will still have the player with a +460 point rating towards the Monolith too, making passage to the Sarcophagus and Generators much less fraught.