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The Mama's Beads is an artifact found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. canon games.

Wonderful artifact. Keep it safe - it's good because it only has positive qualities. Scientists can't figure out how to create such an artifact in laboratory conditions.
- Inventory description, v1.3003 - 1.4005

Born in the 'Vortex' anomaly. One of many artifacts of the 'beads' type. Has a powerful gravitational field, as well as directly affects living organisms on contact, locally accelerating metabolism. When worn on the belt, it greatly accelerates the digestion of food, causing the wearer to have a brutal appetite. However, it helps to carry a huge amount of things. Emits radiation.
- Inventory description, v1.4007


  • Still increases the player's bulletproof cap, but much less so than previously (v1.3003)
  • Repurposed to be a "weight carry" artifact for Developer's Cut (v1.4000+)
  • Renamed as "Brown Beads" with a new icon for v1.4007 for no explicable reason.
  • From v1.4007 players will find this artifact listed in their detector's dataset grouped with the other 'dummy' artifacts (Shell, Spring, Pellicle etc.,) indicating its etymology.


  • A single placement exists in the Freedom HQ in Outskirts, where it can be found in an inspection pit south-west of the Bar. (all versions)
  • Any other instances are only obtainable by looting corpses (v1.3003)
  • Becomes spawnable from its new parent anomaly (Vortex) in v1.4007.
  • May be confused with Red beads during a cursory glance.
  • Still fetches a good price with the most generous Traders.


  • Reputed to be used in several artifact conversions that the player is unable to obtain the recipes for (v1.3003 - 1.4005)
  • Original parent anomaly quoted from STALKER Wiki.
  • It's incorrectly listed to increase carry weight by 8 when it increases by 7.5kg (artefacts.ltx) (v1.4002 - 1.4005)