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Maj Griboyedov is a Military character appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • Maj Griboyedov is part of the Military stationed at the Military barracks in eastern Countryside.


  • Provides a greater range of completeable side missions in v1.4007 but this involves a good deal of travel.

Side Missions

Many of these missions were revised during the evolution of LADC:
The Major is also coded to provide additional missions:
  • A mission to locate a caseful of artifacts.
  • A mission to locate an individual.
  • A second mission to locate a different individual..
  • A further mission to locate a "hacker".. (disabled in code)
  • Another mission involving a second artifact case (disabled in code)
  • A second set of artifact retrievals to involve:
  • Possibly followed by a rendezvous with a non specified individual.
The last ten hypothetical missions appear to be disabled in code.


  • Character introduced from v1.4000 onwards.
  • Had a tradeable float of around 50000 (v1.4002 - not available v1.4007)
  • Becomes a Technician in v1.4007 for repairs only.