The Loner Villageis a minor location found in Yantar, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • A medium sized, derelict village located between the Great Metal Factory entrances.
  • The village is populated with three Loners and Father Diodor, who is found at the back of the village (down inside a small fallout shelter).
  • Numerous Rats and Blind Dogs often roam the area.


  • No storyline elements take place at this location.

Side Missions

Notable Loot

  • x1 box of 5.45x39mm BP rounds can be found inside the fireplace of the west side, white house.
  • A stash can be found In the fireplace of one derelict house (provided the player has found the coordinates).
  • x1 box of 7.62x54 mm 7N1 rounds can be found inside another fireplace, located in the southernmost red brick house (missing numerous portions of its roof).
  • x1 Pripyat beer and x1 Rat pie can be founds on some shelves down inside Father Diodor's fallout shelter.


  • Please note that Father Diodor, once let out of his fallout shelter (or comes out due to mutant activity) will very likely fall victim to the first Blowout. The player may want to think twice before releasing him from his room. Even if "unreleased" he will still fall victim to a blowout due to the absence of any local Blowout shelters.
  • Also note that he has a huge 100,000 Ru bankroll, extremely useful if you have become friendly with the Loner faction.
  • A group of Loners will pass through here on patrol (at night) and make their way to the Motor Pool.


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