Despite the fine scenery, inimical and capricious weather, mendacious Traders and NPCs, all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games involve combat at some stage.

  • Weapons are your primary defense against mutants and hostile factions in the Zone. Weapons can range from handguns, shotguns and rifles to grenades and rocket launchers. In the Lost Alpha HUD weapons section you have two weapon slots for a primary and secondary weapon. The primary weapon slot is where SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles and other large, high-powered weaponry are equipped. The secondary weapon slot is where handguns are equipped. In addition to these slots, you also have a slot for your knife.
  • By convention and in common with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wikis, weaponry is referred to by its "in game" name and not its "real life" name when quoted in article pages. There is much more flexibility when mentioned in comments or blogposts. Contributors are understood to be cognizant regarding what they are talking about.
  • Note that in all sub-pages the cost of any given item refers to the base cost of that item as given in the relevant .ltx gamefile (these are usually located in the "config" directory of the decompressed "gameroot")
  • Note that this base cost is indicative only and may vary considerably with the price that the player may be able to trade the article for with another NPC.
  • Quest variants are generally not listed below, as they may be of limited use to the player.

Variation Weaponry

  1. PRM Modpack

Melee Weapons



Sub-machine Guns

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Grenade and Rocket Launchers



Shotgun Shells

Pistol Rounds

Intermediate Caliber Rifle Rounds

Subsonic Rifle Rounds

Sniper/Machine Gun Rounds

Custom Rounds

Rocket Propelled Grenades

Grenade Shells


Cut Weapons and Ammo




Machine Guns


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