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Life support system schematics is upgrades data for technicians that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Schematics of an integrated system that monitors the wearer's health and introduces coagulation agent into the bloodstream.
- PDA information, upgrades data


  • Upgrades data in general allow technicians to perform certain upgrades on weapons and armor.
  • The Life support system schematics upgrade data enables various upgrades to reduce bleeding for a great number of protective suits.
  • Upgrades data are unique, i.e. only one specimen each exists on the board.
  • The flash drive is in Sakharov's Bunker, in the working computer behind the door indicated in the gallery.


  • See Upgrades data for technicians for a general overview.
  • The data is weightless.
  • On acquisition the data is stored in the player's PDA and automatically shared with the technician to perform the upgrade (no need to "deliver" the data to the technicians, like the toolsets).