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Leap of faith is a stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Only the penitent man shall find me!
- PDA description


  • The "WC stash".


  • Forward planning is an essential consideration in attempting this stash.
  • The coordinates are on the WC Island map, obtained from the Eye of the storm stash in Forest.
  • Obtaining those coordinates are contingent upon being able to hold dialogue with the Snitch, and this has a time limiting factor determined by the Merc raid on the Rostok area.
  • The player will need to make use of the PDA concerning the detailed task information.
  • The stash contents are modified for v1.4007.


  • Make a rolling series of hard saves for this one.
  • The contents mass around 23 kg. Travel accordingly.
  • Throwing bolts to better delineate the path is not very helpful, but as one commenter has noted, a change in the weather does help.