The Niva (VAZ-2121) was Lada's (VAZ) first non-Fiat model. Much of its mechanics are carried over from the Fiat based VAZ/Lada models, though the body and four-wheel drive system were designed by VAZ. Production began in 1977. and still carries through with only minor changes. (to the engine, rear hatch design, and interior trim levels)

In basic form, the Niva has a carbureted 1.6l (1600ccm) overhead cam four-cylinder petrol engine producing 54kW (72hp) and 126Nm (93 ft·lbf), a four or five speed manual transmission, full time four-wheel drive, central differential lock lever as well as low and high range speed lever. There are no hubs and the transfercase can be locked on the fly. The original Niva has a maximum speed of around 130km/h (80mph), and can cruise at 90km/h (56mph) while consuming petrol at a respectable 8.25l at 100km (28.5mpg(US)). Its towing capacity is rated for up to 860 kg (1900 lb).


  • This will be the first car that the player has access to.
  • Located in a sidestreet in front of the Monolith Base.
  • Soundly vilified for being the easiest vehicle to flip over at 15mph (25km/h), the Lada Niva Hospital Service has pretty good fuel consumption by virtue of a functional automatic gear shift.
  • Used sensibly as a road vehicle the player can reach a wide variety of locations.
  • However, if attempting to bring the vehicle through the Vehicle Graveyard, a more central and less undulating path is recommended.
  • In contrast to some other drivable vehicles, (notably the UAZ-469) as soon as the car flips over (even at its side) it can never be reset back upright anymore, due to which has a bad reputation of being one of, if not the, hardest vehicle to properly drive.
  • At the other hand, thankfully, it seems to be one of the most stable vehicles, containing the least of bugs and glitches, its physics and animations/mechanics usually cannot cause game crashes, like in contrast to some other cars. (Moskvitch, as an example)


  • The torsion bars are shot...
  • The unit found on Radar has appalling fuel efficiency, probably due to a defective choke.
  • According to different rear section, (horizontal taillights and shorter trunk/rear door) all ingame vehicles (either green or white) appear to be exactly the Description mentioned basic (older) model - the Niva 1600/1,6l (VAZ-2121), which was produced from 1977. until 1993, when it was replaced by the current Niva 1700/1,7l. (VAZ-21213)