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The Knife is a weapon found in all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Hunting knife
- Inventory description


  • A basic hunting knife that is effective only at close range.
  • Part of the player's Basic Equipment.
  • The weapon has two modes of application (slash and stab)
  • Frequently used to open boxes, crates and other breakable items.
  • Effective against many forms of Mutants, provided precautions are taken.
  • Exceptionally effective against all Zombified Stalkers at close range (provided suitable precautions are taken)


  • Unlike in the Base Game, where the Knife is permanently attached to the player, the knife in Lost Alpha may be dropped, cached or stashed.
  • Weapon is silent, making it exceptionally useful in stealth operations.
  • The item does not degrade with prolonged use, but sadly, it has no upgrade tree.


  • The Knife that attaches as part of the player's basic equipment weighs 0.05 kg.
  • Visitors to the Arena have all of their inventory removed prior to competing and receive replacement armament.
  • Knives received in this manner may weigh 0.05 kg or 0.00 kg.


  • When receiving Knives in the Arena the player receives one for the weapon slot and a "spare" unattached 0.00 kg one.
  • All variations are nominally interchangeable and stackable.
  • Either may be resold to Arnie for the full 370 Ru.