Kill the sniper is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

How can we get rid of the sniper?
- Marked One
Shoot him, of course! Problem is getting in a good position and having the proper weapon. There is a AK in the green house, in the village up ahead. If you sneak by using junk as cover, you might be able to get a clean shot and down the bastard.
- Bes

Overview Edit

This is a three part mission assigned by Bes to solve a problem further up in the Garbage.
  1. Find the weapon.
  2. Take out the sniper.
  3. Get your reward.

Find the weapon. Edit

  • Stick to the middle of the map and keep running forward, avoiding the nearby Springboard anomalies till you come to a pale Green House with a destroyed roof.
  • The weapon is located inside, propped up against a wall.
  • A cutscene flyover of the target and local terrain will play out as soon as the rifle is picked up.

Take out the sniper. Edit

  • The sniper is located a short distance away, standing in front of the eastern tunnel entrance of the train viaduct.
  • Use whichever weapon you prefer to dispatch him.
  • If you are going to loot the body before you go back to Bes, please note that as soon as you successfully execute the target, a second cutscene will trigger for the player. Upon regaining control, the player will discover that they have been teleported to the west side of the train viaduct and will need to travel back from there.

Get your reward. Edit

  • Return to Bes to conclude the mission.

Notes Edit

  • When coming back to conclude the quest, a nearby Loner will be held up by a group of Bandits (they are located at the trash roadblock, just up the road from Bes). If the player is quick enough to kill the Bandits without the Loner dying, he will reward the player with a Flash artifact.
  • Once the mission is concluded, the two Loners down in the basement will walk up and depart with Bes, allowing access to the doorway behind him.


  • Successful conclusion of the mission (and the consequent looting) finds the player with two Akm 74/2 rifles, one of which is practically pristine, and a PSO-1 scope for good measure.
  • Popular game strategies could be to shed mass and run back to Fox for rifle upgrades to seriously enhance the weapon's accuracy (v1.3003)

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