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The Karlito is a hybrid mutant appearing in the initial S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha release (v1.30013), cut from subsequent LA patches (v1.3002-3), and reintroduced in the Developer's Cut.

- encyclopedia description


  • The Karlito was present in early releases of the game and was found in the Pripyat Underground in the same general area as the Zombified Stalker group.
  • Releases and Patches subsequent to version 1.30013 still contain all of the coding for this now cut mutant with the exception of any encyclopedia entries.
  • These files classify the beast as having similar etymology to the 'Fracture' or Izlom.
  • There is a recoverable body part encoded, but the probability of it spawning is set to zero (v1.3000+).
  • This was altered to the Dwarf hand and made potentially available for LADC; although, with Karlito numbers being low, acquisition of this trophy is correspondingly unlikely.
  • The mutant is reintroduced as a more formidable opponent in the Developer's Cut.
  • You must complete first Run-in at the old mine. Can be found in second visit of Forest when wounded Stalker leaves a message in your PDA. After you found and speak with him he said: i have wounded friend in Bandit Mine. Go to Bandit Mine and take Compass in lower level and go to higher level of Bandit Mine and Karlitos spawned here.


  • There are wild stories that these creatures are no longer seen as a result of being laughed at by an indiscreet stalker, but this is unsubstantiated and should be considered as braggadocio.
  • In LADC their telepathic abilities could be difficult to deal with early in the game.
  • There are some loud strange sounds after you found wounded Stalker and visit Bandit Mine.