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Captain Ivancov is a minor character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Commander of all punitive raids and expeditions against any horde of mutants

- PDA contact biography


  • Currently the main captain of Duty, and the most well-known of Duty's members. He most likely defected from the Ukrainian Army and joined Duty.


  • Starts the game as a Technician near the 100 Rads Bar even though his affiliation at that stage is to the Trader faction.
  • His PDA signal is therefore "cloaked" as is typical of Traders (even though Barkeep is paradoxically "uncloaked") but stands on the roof in the vicinity of the PDA signal for Voronin.
  • He later relocates and becomes a captain of the Duty faction and resides at the Duty HQ in Outskirts, where his contact bio is easily obtained.
  • He has some minor mission related interaction with the player during the main mission if the player has joined the Duty faction.
  • Becomes of crucial importance if the player wants to join Freedom in Freeplay.


  • Ivancov is bugged as a Trader, even if the player joins Duty.
  • If the player wants to join Freedom he needs to be assassinated. The best way to do this is to come to his office and drop a grenade near him, and take cover. The blast will finish him and the task is fulfilled without getting attacked by other Duty members.
  • Sniping a nearby pair of Petrol cans or a single Fuel barrel will also prove effective.
  • (v1.4007) Ivancov returned to being a Technician upon relocation to New Duty HQ and there is an option to repair and upgrade weapons even if the player haven't joined Duty.
  • (v1.4007) After the player shuts down the Brain Scorcher, the Bring the Tools to side-mission fork becomes available, allowing him to perform various upgrades.