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The Homemade detector is a piece of basic equipment introduced in v1.4007.

- Inventory description


  • Seems to replace the Simple anomaly detector liberated from a chest of drawers in all releases prior to v1.4007 (which appears to be a 'purchase item' in that release.
  • 'Finds' about eight low level Artifacts.
  • Often looted from Bandits early in the game.
  • Range is very limited.
  • This is the first of the Detectors that the player will have access to in v1.4007.
  • May have its range increased by Fox by at least two whole meters.


  • This is really, really, basic stuff.
  • If you are playing v1.4007, you might be strategizing the acquisition of the coordinates to the Stash of the frightened stalker for a 'free' Simple anomaly detector.