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Help the forgotten stalker trader is neither a storyline task nor a side mission and appears as a precursor to the Help destroy the fuel cache mission, which is also given by Alex.


  • If it is necessary to conduct the Retrieve the machine for Lukash bloodlessly, it will also be necessary to complete this task.
  • In patches 1.3002 and earlier, the password to the Merc base could be purchased by the player from a loner near the trader, Alex.
  • Subsequent changes removed this stalker from the game with the result that the password is now given by Alex when the player brings him a couple of minor quest items.
  • The player may decline to assist the trader, in which event the mission will not be re-offered and reaching the Merc trader (Milo) will be problematic or even impossible without conflict.


  • First get the Transistors and then on your way back the other item, the Small toolkit resp. the Set of nuts, is closer to the loner Trader in the building of the Pumping station near the little lake with anomalies. (Construction Site)
  • Neither are difficult to find if their location has previously been determined.
  • Returning the two items concludes the mission and gains the password for entry to the Merc base and the Bar there.