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The Gravi is an artifact found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and all canon S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Can spot it near anomalies such as "Vortex" or in the hands of another stalker. While wearing it a certain amount of radiation is stored in the body while the rest of it is scattered in the radial direction away from the body. A good price.
- Inventory description, v1.30013 - 1.4005

Born in the 'Vortex' anomaly. Unknown to science rock, which has the property of repelling radionuclides at a great distance. In other words, it does not help from the radiation accumulated in the body, but it will prevent further irradiation. Emits radiation.
- Inventory description, v1.4007


  • An artifact with a chequered history:
v1.30013 - 1.3003:
  • Quite a widely distributed artifact that has considerably inferior properties when compared to its Base Game variant.
  • Easily acquired in many Levels but especially so in Dark Valley, Yantar and Outskirts; with a major cluster located at the CNPP not far from the Sarcophagus door later on.
  • Twice as heavy.
  • Both reduces "radiation" and reduces "radiation protection", just to mess with the player's head...
  • Adds unpleasant "rupture" and "impact" negatives.
  • Gains a buggy +5kg "weight carry" bonus (see below, actually 4.6kg)
  • Retooled.
  • Becomes a mid-level "bulletproof" rock.


All versions:
v1.30013 - 1.4005:
  • Recipe removed.
  • Artifact not as common as in previous versions.
  • Just not rare.


  • It's incorrectly listed to increase carry weight by 5 when it increases by 4.6kg (artefacts.ltx)
  • The v1.4007 blurb is somewhat dubious and contradictory.