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The Grabber is an anomaly appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha from v1.4007.


v1.30013 - 1.4005:
  • Largely invisible.
  • The locations of two specimens have long been a source of confusion for being decorated with "huge puffballs" which in early versions could be made to jump by throwing bolts at them.
  • The locations also spawned 'Rusty Hair' type artifacts that frequently became trapped within the active radius of the anomaly.
  • The anomalies were exceptionally dangerous to explore.
  • The gamefile control codes were almost certainly not defined by any "zone_grabber" as this was absent from the code.
  • Хваталка = Grabber.
  • Game coding subsumes the Ameba property set into the control files for Grabber. With the absence of the corresponding "ameba_spore" from the gamefiles in v1.4007, this may explain the absence of "puffballs" in he Cordon swamps.
  • Also invisible.
  • The "Grabber" is mentioned in the anomaly set of the Elite anomaly detector.
  • These Grabber anomalies replace whatever was previously coded at the Cordon swamp locations.
  • (The previously seen "puffballs" are absent)
  • Still exceptionally dangerous to explore.
  • In addition to Cordon, several instances replace some of the Ameba anomalies near the "BTR ladder" in Pripyat Underground.
  • Other occurrences on other levels are open to speculation.


  • The anomalies may be explored provided that the player uses a high level of "chemical burn" protection. Other protection is not needed.
  • The anomaly initially 'stuns' the player into immobility.
  • Without prophylactic "chem burn" measures, death is very rapid.
  • Provided that 100%+ of suitable protection is worn, no damage will ensue even if unarmoured (see gallery)


  • There is a lack of wildlife nearby, except for the occasional bloodsucker in Cordon.
  • Players may kill their actor in the anomaly to precipitate Artifact Spawns (ironically fulfilling the initial Kill Strelok task that was cancelled)
  • N.B. The spawn results may be observed on the console, but actual spawns take 10-15 seconds to activate.