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Glob is a minor supporting Sin Character who may appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • In the normal course of the game, Glob does not spawn.
  • The NPC will only appear if the player has joined Duty, and even then only appears towards the end of the sequence.


  • As a penultimate mission for Duty, Voronin sends the player to Meet with Negotiator ostensibly to defuse hostilities.
  • The "Negotiator" is indeed Glob, who will be found camping out at the Vehicle Graveyard in the Garbage.
  • He has a retrieval task, Find the artefact (Garbage) for the player that involves bringing him a Goldfish artifact.
  • This can at times be problematic if the player is attempting to satisfy the requirement from randomly spawned artifacts since the Goldfish is a rare spawn.
  • One placement exists but is located on Forest.
  • Another Goldfish can be found behind the Bandit Base, located in Dark Valley (north of the rear, sewage tunnel entrance, just up the hill by a bush). This may be a random spawn.
  • Familiarity with the Anomaly Fields in the Dark Valley is generally a more practical solution.
  • Giving the prize to Glob turns him from "truce-hostile" to "openly-hostile".
  • Killing him will not recover the artifact that he recently received, only the Duty disc1 will be recovered (apart from the usual junk)


  • Since the Anomaly Fields are disabled in v1.4007, finding the requisite artifact is even more problematic.
  • There are possibly some placements on the Oldroad level, but access to this level may be restricted.