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The Ghost suit is a unique armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Rumour has it that the ghost stalker never carries a first aid kit with him. Everything heals on him like a dog. They say that he has an unusual suit that he got on an anomaly.
- Inventory description, v1.4005

Personal Ghost's "Sunrise-3". There is a legend that he never carries any medkits; everything heals on him like on a dog. Some say it's caused by an unusual suit which he once got from an anomaly.
- Inventory description, v1.4007


  • Unique version of the Stalker suit (-v1.4005) resp. "Sunrise-3" suit (v1.4007).
  • Base stats are identical, but the Ghost suit offers accelerated health (and bleed) restoration.
  • Renamed to Ghost's suit in v1.4007.


Lost Alpha

  • May not be upgraded or repaired in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut


v1.30013 - 1.4005:
  • May be found in a packing case in an attic in the Zombie Hamlet on Forest.
  • When destroying the case the player will find the suit downstairs, having fallen through the floor of the attic.
  • Has the same health restore value as that provided by a Soul (health_restore_speed = 0.0006)
  • Inventory icon changed to a variant that approximates to the Shield of Freedom suit.
  • The physical form, should the item become dropped, also differs markedly from the earlier Stalker suit base.
  • The inbuilt health benefit has changed to a health restore value of 0.0008 and a bleeding restore value of 0.003.
  • In general terms this equates to an inbuilt health restore equivalent to the combined effects of a Glass Ball with a Doughboy ("Soul + Kolobok" in v1.4007) or slightly less than a Firefly ("health_restore_speed = 0.0009" in v1.4007)
  • The additional "bleeding_restore_speed = 0.003" is equivalent to the reduction effects provided by inbuilt artifacts corresponding to 1.5 Red beads or Compass. No equivalent exact match is coded.
  • Although still coded into the same breakable object as seen in previous versions, the availability of the suit itself is bugged and it does not appear on the board.
  • It is unclear whether this is connected with the property changes in this version.