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Geoff Henderson is an veteran Stalker friend, who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and perhaps other versions.

Hey man, I'm a local library around these parts, if you want some info about this place, I've got it, for a price of course.
- Geoff Henderson



  • He is a dealer of info (with prices similar to Snitch, but information much more usable)

Information given in the Lost Alpha:

  • 1: 500 rubles:
    • "Rumour has it that the bandits are making rudimentary radios for communication using transistors and whatnot. Someone I know, who will remain un-named, went down into a bunker at their camp and saw some there".
  • 2: 1000 rubles:
    • "There is a pumphouse not far from here. The damn pumps were always breaking down and in need of constant fixing. Lots of tools were left there so I hear".
  • 3: 1500 rubles:
    • "The merc barman has a key which he seems to be in love with. We always carries on about the key and how it will one day bring him power. No one knows what it is for and thinks he is mad. He just leaves it on the counter, almost taunting people with its presence like he doesn't care about it, but I'll tell you one thing, he doesn't sleep far from it!"
  • 4: 2000 rubles:
    • "The merc at the bar are a sticky bunch and don't like strangers, but if you know their password then they let you in, no questions asked. The password is "forgotten", yeah I Know, original...".
  • 5: 1000 rubles:
    • "According to the old stories, there is a stash somewhere. The code to the door is lost, written down on paper, torn up and thrown away. No one knows what is in the room, but apparently the only person who may know anything about it ran away to the country".
    • (Gives the player the option to resolve the code-door riddle. See Trivia note below.)


The Code-door Riddle components supplied by Geoff Henderson and Snitch are the two halves of the triggering mechanism enabling the riddle itself.