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Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Maybe the rear entrance to the Zone from Belarus. This is pure speculation.

Generators 2(Lost Alpha) is a major location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha where the protagonist reaches the 'good' ending in the game.

Strelok... it was a long road to get to this point... you see all the changes around you? When the generators were disabled, all the harmful emissions disappeared. It caused the plants in this area to regenerate and become healthy again, actually I think nature will heal itself now... Even all the mutants have moved away from this place, they will all probably die without that energy feeding them, but who knows. I can't describe what all this means to me... we did it... we really did it!
- Ghost

Indeed, it was teamwork that got us here.. Doc, Fang, Guide... without them I am not sure we would've been able to finish what we started. Still hard to believe, but I still have strange feelings about all of this. What if this is just another facade by the Noospere? How can we be sure it won't happen again?
- Marked One

Time will tell... we can't worry about that now. We blew the generators up, the Zone is gone. Things should get better from here on out, you can already see the changes!
- Ghost

You are probably right... It's just... ah forget it. Anyway there is still a lot to do here, there will be a lot to clean up and repair now that the Zone is gone. What are your plans now?
- Marked One

With this dialogue, the player concludes the final sub-mission of the game, is transported through a cutscene with Swamps background ambiance and then back to the wake-up point in Sidorovich's bunker to enter Freeplay.


  • With this exchange, the simulacrum of Ghost 'convinces' the hive-connected Strelok that victory is theirs. Not even the player's actor is fooled by this.
  • Any screenshots of the 'new' idyllic Generators area complete with birdsong (even at night) and a complete absence of anomalies, artifacts or mutants will have the "(la21_generators_2)" suffix appended to distinguish it from the (still very extant) Generators area which has the "(la13_generators)" suffix.
  • Generators 2 doesn't have a functional mini-map either, so if there's a foul-up involving the stealthy arrival of Ghost, or the player is re-entering for a second visit and Ghost is absent, navigating the zone may be problematic.
  • The actual location of this level is also somewhat enigmatic and consistent with the need for a canon sequel.


  • Since there are no threats on the way to the cemetery, wearing armour is superfluous.
  • Entering the final cutscene in this manner gets the player's actor forced into the default Leather jacket.
  • The nearby village has a cellar with a mysteriously locked door.
  • After finishing the game's story, the only way to access Generators 2 again is by using the game's console and typing the command "jump_to_level" and putting this location "la21_generators_2".
  • The location is wide away from the CNPP as seen on the radar, when understanding the distances in real life and how a certain distance is represented in the game, it could be possible that the ending of the game is taking place in Belarus since the area of "Generators 2" looks much like the real life Polesky State Radioecological Reserve. Or it could be just very close to the border.