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The GP 37 is an assault rifle that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and all canon S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

A German assault rifle. It is a first-grade specimen of the modern weaponry: it is light, reliable, and ergonomic.
- Inventory description


  • Assault rifle introduced by german company Heckler & Koch in 1997.
  • It is by default equipped with a scope equivalent to the SUSAT scope.


Lost Alpha

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 1.png Polymer parts The once outlandish idea of substituting metal parts with polymer is now quite commonplace.
1400 RU

Reliability +20%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 2.png Inertia moderator Installed on the back of the receiver, this modifications slows down the slide, increasing the weapon's accuracy.
2050 RU

Accuracy +20%

1E Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 3.png Smart compensator A special compensator fixes the position of the barrel, automatically releasing gasses and pushing the barrel to its original position after firing.
2800 RU

Handling +30%

1F Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 4.png Stop drive A synthetic part installed behind the end of the step slide compresses it to increase accuracy.
2750 RU

Accuracy +25%

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 5.png Pneumatic compensator A pneumatic compensator offsets the recoil of automatic firing.
1350 RU

Recoil -15%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 6.png Ergonomic butt A progressive butt, which takes into account the structural features of the human body.
2200 RU

Handling +20%

2D Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 7.png Cushioned shoulder stop A cushioned shoulder stop significantly reduces the recoil.
2150 RU

Recoil -20%

2E Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 8.png Increasing the length of the rollback bolt An elongated bolt with a partially removed rear helps improve the muzzle velocity, which positively affects accuracy.
3200 RU

Bullet velocity +30%

3A Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 9.png Free floating barrel Without massive gas blowback systems and the rigid mounting stem, the accuracy is much greater.
1320 RU

Accuracy +15%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

3C Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 10.png Modern muzzle compensator Replacing the obsolete muzzle compensator with a more modern model helps further reduce recoil.
2000 RU

Recoil -20%

3E Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 11.png Barrel with polygonal rifling Polygonal rifling improves the accuracy of the weapon.
3100 RU

Bullet velocity +30%

3F Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 1.png Super strong alloy barrel Super strong materials increase rifling durability.
3100 RU

Reliability +30%

4A Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 13.png Collimator 1.6x scope Installing an assault sight for close quarters combat.
1800 RU

Attach 1.6x scope

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

4C Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 14.png Contrast sight (4F in v1.4007) A modification of a standard red-dot sight, increasing contrast of the image with a yellow overlay. Makes fighting in darkness or low light conditions that much easier.
3000 RU

High contrast sight

Calibration toolkit (v1.4005+)

4E Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 15.png Passive Night Vision Installing a night vision device will help you save your life - or take away someone else's.
6000 RU

2nd generation NVD

Calibration toolkit (v1.4005+)

4F Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 16.png Adjustable range finder sight (4C in v1.4007) This modification allows the shooter to freely adjust the scope magnification.
4800 RU

Adjustable sight

Tools for fine work (v1.4005+)

5A Ui inGame2 upgrade GP37 12.png Electronic stabilization Automatic bullet pulse adjustment. Significantly improves shooting accuracy.
15000 RU

Accuracy +40%



  • While the GP 37 is the top-tier weapon in the canon games, it is still good but not necessarily the first choice in Lost Alpha.
  • In v1.4005 the name is misspelled as H&K G36.