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The Fuel barrel is an explosive item found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Old, red 25L fuel barrel
- Inventory description


  • Widely dispersed throughout the Zone Levels, but mostly confined to Rostok and the Wild Territory.
  • Effectively, a replacement for the scenery item: Gas can, which does not explode.
  • Not always in the best place to be the most effective.
  • Heavy, but movable, acquirable and transportable.
  • Has a delayed action fuse in common with devices of this class.
  • May be grouped together for mass effect.
  • Easily set up in "domino lines".
  • A useful addition to a mobile arsenal.


  • Not all red barrels are acquirable. Some are just cement filled ashtrays, others are non-functional.
  • Some collected barrels will store "apart" from other barrels in a stash. Examination will indicate that the rogue item may be damaged to one degree or another. Consider disposing of such damaged items in preference to moving them in a mobile stashbox.
  • Unlike the Petrol can device which will frequently severely wound a targeted NPC, the Fuel barrel has a much more effective blast and blast radius.