• Freeplay is a new addition to the Lost Alpha giving the player the freedom to explore the gameboard, join factions or just travel around.
  • The Zone is a vast place and it's bigger than the Shadow of Chernobyl version.

Entering Freeplay

  • If the player finishes the game by getting one of the three "Good Endings" after the credits roll he will be transferred back to Sidorovich's bunker where the player is free to do what he wants.
  • Everything the player had in his inventory stays with him.
    Ss mindfreak 1987 09-18-14 21-51-28 (la01 escape)

    Freeplay spawn point

Options in Freeplay

There are a lot of side missions to play and the player can get them from various locations around the Zone. Completing certain task given by some faction leaders may lead to the player being invited to join that faction. Apart from that there are still many stashes and artifacts to be found. You can trade with ordinary traders, find out new ones or just hangout at Barkeep's new 100 Rads Bar. There are a lot of options to choose from.

Optional Missions

  • "Brutus and Caesar" (Garbage - but actually not a mission, just a conversation)



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