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Freedom is a major faction appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Anarchists and daredevils who declare themselves fighters for a free access to the Zone and consequently find themselves in constant conflict with the army, military stalkers and the Duty faction. These so-called freedom warriors believe in sharing all information about the Zone with the rest of the world and challenge the state's monopoly over the Zone's secrets and wonders.
- Encyclopedia


Freedom is a collection of anarchists, daredevils, and other Stalkers who believe in the right for free access to the Zone. They are one of the largest Stalker clans in the Zone. Freedom believes that the Zone is a wonder given to all humanity. They are hostile to the ecologists exploiting the Zone for research. They openly oppose the Military, and their long-time rivals, Duty. The only interest of Freedom is to live and open the Zone as a museum for people outside of Chernobyl. Freedom believes that if ecologists leave the Zone from scientific research, the zone will act friendly and peacefully.




They use "western" NATO guns like GP-37 , TRs301, FN-200 and SGi-5k.