Free the Dutyer from prison is an undocumented, level-dependent storyline mission appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Marked One, Petrenko here, I had an operative of mine disappear. He hasn't contacted us for a very long time and rumour is he is being held captive by the bandits. I can still pick up his PDA on my tracker so please, I will give you the PDA signal and see if you can track it and find him. But beware, helping him may make the locals hostile towards you.
- Petrenko, mission briefing


  • The mission is spawned and assigned to the player shortly after their initial return to the Dark Valley from Darkscape.
  • The mission may be safely ignored if the player so decides; see Main Mission Strategy for the consequential details.
  • Due to the fact that the player previously left the Dark Valley in haste, still affiliated to the Bandits' faction; this mission is designed to remove this status, return the player to membership of the Loners' faction and alienate the player from both the Bandits and the Monolithians.
  • The Prison key to the cell lies on the desk of the Bandits' Trader and may be taken without penalty.


Simple releaseEdit

  • Orthodox play (v1.3003) would have the player take the Prison key; release Shaggy Sergei and fight their way out of the Bandit Base.
  • On talking to the target, he wishes the player:
Best of luck!!
- Shaggy Sergei, on release
..prior to teleporting off the gameboard out of harm's way.
  • Getting out of the Base is not difficult. The window above the jail basement has a window to climb out of and the only notable threat in that direction is a somewhat idle Poker.
  • This particular strategy has the greatest chance of success.

Rambo releaseEdit

  • Attacking the Bandit Base with all guns blazing is not difficult but frequently results in the prisoner being executed before the player can reach him (v1.3003)

Covert tacticsEdit

  • Sniper and silenced attacks are fruitless.
  • The first attack upon a Bandit member alienates the whole faction (and the Monolith faction)
  • Chatting with Borov, obtaining the code to his safe (2-9-5) and taking Borov's Documents alienates the whole faction (and the Monolith faction)
  • Chatting with Borov, obtaining the code to his safe (2-9-5) and eliminating him with a couple of cheap Petrol cans from the local trader, alienates the whole faction (and the Monolith faction)
  • In short, Borov's death turns them hostile, whether achieved openly or indirectly.
  • All of the above stratagems may well result in the death of the objective prisoner and leave the player with twenty enemies locally and another twenty-six more heavily armed foes at the Monolith Base later on.


  • The mission is for suckers, gung-ho morons and masochists - if taken in the 'normal' play order of business.
  • If the player is desperate to have a 'clean slate' then concluding any business at the Monolith Base and Lab X18 is much easier whilst still bandit-affiliated. There is no need for a further visit there afterwards if the lab has already been ransacked.


  • There is no need to return to Petrenko after the mission for debriefing, just talking to Shaggy Sergei is sufficient.


  • The mission is best ignored.