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I wish to register but there appears no vailid links other than connecting through a Facebook account. The email link does not seem to be working. Could someone fix this, please?

  • Hi there!
  • So sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties registering your new account.
  • These are global bots / daemons / dodgyware that are global to the Wikia (sorry) Fandom experience.
  • Sometimes the servers experience so-called features that most of us refer to as bugs.
  • You have a couple of choices:
  1. Post your details here (or on my talk page) and I'll try to expedite it for you...
  2. Bitch at them yourself..
  3. Try later. In the hope that the glitch has 'gone away'...
  4. Try making an account at a different wikia site; and then switching over to here with the login active (don't laugh, it does work)
  5. Basically, being a global problem, it's not something that we're directly responsible for..
  • (Obviously, you avoid F***book logins for trivial reasons)
  • That lot is the best that I can suggest atm...
Byte Me (talk) 12:15, February 22, 2018 (UTC)