The Find the militaries' documents task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

At the HQ. It's on the third floor of the Institute. That's where they keep those damn papers. But it's a mission getting there. By day, the area is teaming with patrols but not as much at night. I'll tell you this for free: if you wanna get inside, you'll have to go through the catacombs - you stand no chance at the gate, but it's up to you.
- Ratcatcher, Mission briefing



  • The target is located upon the third floor of the Research Institute: South which contains a garrison of over twenty Military soldiers.
  • Many options are available to the player and since the topology of the Base is broadly similar to that seen in the Base Game (with the addition of an extra floor to the objective building), similar strategies may be employed.
  • Alternative possibilities exist by virtue of there being many ingress points to the base, including a sizable hole in the perimeter wall (seen top right on the provided map above)
  • With a well calibrated rifle is is possible to snipe and otherwise draw out the defenders from their base, rendering infiltration much easier.
  • As with all opponents in the Lost Alpha, there is considerable grenade usage.


  • Due to the contiguous nature of the Agroprom Underground with the above ground section, Military incursions to the underground by ladder may become problematic.