Find the experimental ecolog suit is a side mission given by Nimble. Though it is just called "Special order" in the PDA.

Go and get a rare gear for Nimble. New task is to find a experimental ecolog suit. Maybe Sakharov could help with that.
- Task description


The mission consist of three sub-tasks

  • Talk to professor
  • Find the experimental ecolog suit (not initially visible, see below)
  • Bring it to Nimble

Talk to professor

  • The area where the item can be found is highlighted on your PDA's map, in this case it is Yantar. Additionally the location of Professor Sakharov is marked.
  • The professor initially just advises you to search Yantar underground. After that a third sub-task Find the experimental ecolog suit is inserted.

Find the experimental ecolog suit

  • If not done so execute the Retrieve the lost rifle. side mission.
  • After retrieving the lost rifle continue farther into the room until you see the radioactive brain. Move closer to the brain (once is enough, you will understand what that means) and return to Professor Sakharov.
  • Professor Sakharov will give you the side mission Brain vat.
  • After completing that mission you will be able to get the experimental ecolog suit from a shed in the fenced area behind the radioactive brain.

Bring it to Nimble

  • This should be self-explanatory.


  • As all of Nimble's "Special order" missions, "Find the experimental ecolog suit" does not count towards the number of completed quests, does not affect your reputation and does not add to your rank. So you may want to think twice before you bring the item to Nimble...
  • Though, in this case the decision is a bit easier as a second SSP-100M spawns when you pick up the quest item.
  • Bug in v1.4002: Nimble's dialog option "So, can you already pay me for a "SP-100M"?" will be offered again after you have received the payment. Choosing it will give you another 17.000 RU, and you can do that over and over again.  
  • Bug in v1.4005:
  1. The player brings (a copy of) the suit.
  2. The player receives the Key and perhaps takes another side task.
  3. The player leaves Nimble's PDA range - and immediately fails the side task...
  4. Returning to the house where he was just stationed, reveals no corpse. Searches of the map also find no body.
  • Don't give him the suit.
  • If players wish to 'try their luck' at a later juncture, stash it somewhere convenient while completing his other side tasks.
  • See also: item trivia.


  • (1.4007) Completing this mission grants 1 Skill point.


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