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The Find Strelok's flash task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Okay, you need to find a spiral staircase, go down, then past some columns and through a machinery room. Then you'll reach some creepy hallways and smaller rooms linking them. Somewhere in there I stumbled upon a room ... like a safehouse of some sort. That's where I found some sort of book with an encrypted message, which probably leads to a flashdrive with info. The book was useless for me so I decided to leave it there cause nobody in their right mind would try to look for it in this place. On my way back I ran into a bunch of zombies - they were really worked up about something so I got out of their way and never thought of returning there. I figured the corridors would lead to another manhole and headed that way. I could already smell the fresh air when I heard a military patrol approaching. Caught between them and those damn zombies, I kept moving from room to room, hoping to stay hidden. Not sure if I'd make it. I don't know how but I finally made it out in one piece. Far as I know, the flash drive is in the underground too - but which room... I really can't be sure. Just pay close attention to the notes in the book written by Strelok.
- Detailed task information


  • This is a three part mission given to the player at the conclusion of the Save Mole mission.
  • The map given above is obtained later in the game from Ratcatcher.
  • The map relates to the Base Game where Strelok's Hideout was found up a ventilator shaft.
  • The player needs to find the Novel "Deep Darkness", Strelok's flash drive and leave the underground.
  • Map markers are placed sequentially to assist the player's investigations.
  • The mission takes place in the Agroprom Underground which should be consulted for an overview of its inhabitants and other hazards.
    • (NB: for various v1.4000 releases, the player will now need to find a "key" to gain access to Strelok's Hideout in order to complete this segment. This 'find the key' subtask is erroneously spawned as a subtask twice for the mission (v1.4005) but needs to be satisfied only once)


  • There are several points of egress from the underground, which is contiguous with the Agroprom level, all of which also appeared in the Base Game but were frequently blocked or inaccessible.
  • The "basement entrance" near the road is probably the most convenient and closing the door behind the player helps slightly in preventing Military incursions.
  • The location of the "Lair" has been altered for the Lost Alpha and is close to the above-mentioned ingress point. It is recommended that players also closes this door behind them as well.



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