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There are eleven factions in Lost Alpha, all with their own unique agendas. Each faction has a different relationship with other factions in the Zone, sometimes friendly, neutral, or hostile. Each faction has a logo usually worn as a patch on their clothing that identifies them as part of their respective faction, but can also be identified via the signal broadcast by their PDAs. Some NPC (marked with a special icon) will offer to be your guide (AKA fast travel) for an appropriate sum of money.

List of Factions

The Bandits
250px-SCS Bandits.png

The Bandits are raiders and marauders of the Zone, ranging from petty thugs and gangsters to organized crime syndicates. Apart from Freedom, which treats them with marginal contempt, everyone hates the Bandits due to their nefarious acts of robbing and exploiting honest Stalkers. Most Bandits are unorganized and leaderless; there are only a few known Bandit leaders and camps, and even then their groups are still fairly disorganized, with underlings always trying to take control by overthrowing the previous leader. Their unit size is mediocre, and their equipment is cheap and shoddy; because of this they've adapted to a guerilla style of warfare, ambushing small groups with large numbers by camping in locations just off the normal paths.


Duty was founded by former military expedition survivors and Stalkers concerned about the looming horrors of the Zone. They are one of the largest Stalker clans in the Zone. They have a strict military code (such as no smoking, maintaining one's weapons, etc...) and operate in a military fashion, using ranks like Sergeant, Major, Captain, General, ... . Their goal is to contain and destroy the Zone, fearing that it will spread to the outside world. They view the Zone as an ulcer in the world and their efforts are a way to excise it. They do this with blunt force by killing mutants, eliminating all who oppose them or exploit the free, and burning down or drowning mutant dens. They are neutral toward other Zone factions, save for the Bandits and their long-time nemesis: the Freedom faction. It is said that Duty also has deep connections within the military, specifically Spetsnaz detachments within the Zone, although they treat regular grunts with utter contempt.

The Ecologists are Ukrainian scientists sent into the Zone on behalf of the government, but seem to be affiliated with outside organizations. Their main purpose is the study of all aspects of the Zone, using scientific methods to further explain what the Zone is, and its purpose. The Ecologists are neutral to all factions, and are not involved in any of their conflicts. Due to the military's slipping grip on the Zone, the Ecologists rely on opportunistic Dutyers, Loners, and Mercenaries to provide them protection, and to perform errands that may require combat, since the scientists are better thinkers than fighters.
Freedom badge vector.png

Freedom is a collection of anarchists, daredevils, and other Stalkers who believe in the right for free access to the Zone. They are one of the largest Stalker clans in the Zone. Freedom believes that the Zone is a wonder given to all humanity. They are hostile to the ecologists exploiting the Zone for research. They openly oppose the Military, and their long-time rivals, Duty. The only interest of Freedom is to live and open the Zone as a museum for people outside of Chernobyl. Freedom believes that if ecologists leave the Zone from scientific research, the zone will act friendly and peacefully.
Loners / Stalkers
SCS Loners.png

Loners ("Stalkers") are a nomadic semi-unified group of Stalkers who simply live off the Zone in order to earn some coin for their daily lives. Loners are neutral toward almost all other factions, but do have complications with the Military, and, to a lesser extent, the Mercenaries, and openly oppose the Bandit faction for their actions against free Stalkers. Most Loners are only concerned with the riches of the Zone, and do not pay attention to the other factions' hatred for each other - provided, of course, they do not threaten them. Because of this, Loners are often recruited by various factions as mercenaries.
SCS Mercs.png

The Mercenaries are a private military force operating within the Zone. They are professional soldiers who will do just about anything in the Zone, ranging from retrieval, assassinations, bodyguarding, etc. Though, of course, it must be for the right price. Mercenaries are usually neutral toward other factions, as they are a source of income, unless they interfere with their operations.

The Military are an umbrella faction that contains all openly funded "State sponsored" military units. Broadly, this divides into three subsections:
  • The State Security Service. (The 'grunts')
  • The Spetsznaz elite troopers.
  • The Military stalkers.

The stance that these units take towards the player varies considerably during the Main mission arc. Although indicated as red 'hostiles' on the player's map and mini-map for the majority of the game, the regular SSS and Spetsznaz units are approachable and will even hold dialogues or enter into trades

Faction monolith.png

The Monolith were originally ordinary Stalkers who believed in the power of the Wish Granter. The Monolith are the front line soldiers of the C-Consciousness, and would rather die than let any Stalker reach the sacred crystal. Although capable of higher reasoning and emotion, they nevertheless carry out orders with fanatic effectiveness. The Monolith faction has no allies, and actively attacks all other factions. They are also described as a xenophobic-religious cult.

Faction sin.gif

Sin are a band of outcasts originally from politically dissident prisoner stock who were subjected to scientific experimentation of questionable ethical validity in the various underground laboratories within the Zone. Faction members are also detected as "Dark stalkers" on occasion and their members universally wear Trenchcoats.


  • Although not generally considered as a faction in their own right, the player will encounter these Characters at various locations within the various levels.
  • Their function is to ensure that all other Characters in the game have adequate supplies of consumable Items.
  • They also purchase surplus inventory from the player, which is helpful in raising funds. But see this.
  • They are usually well dug in (Sidorovich) or protected by several layers of defenders.
  • Members of the faction (rather than other factional members that trade) can not be located by PDA signal by the player, as such they are effectively "stealthed" in all versions to v1.4002. However from v1.4005 they have their own distinct map markers.
  • Their stance towards the player is usually one of strict neutrality; they're in the Zone for the money not for the honour.

Strangers are a special type of group of NPCs that are found in various parts of the Zone. They mainly appear as supporting characters in the plot of the Lost Alpha but they also appear as random NPCs in levels.

Faction Standings

  • Below is a chart detailing how each faction reacts to other factions in the Zone.
  • Relationships are assumed based upon non-hostile action from the player, and derived from gamefiles for v1.3003 but are generally valid to v1.4005.
  • A friendly disposition means that a Stalker will assist another Stalker if they are under attack. A neutral disposition means that a Stalker will generally ignore if another Stalker is under attack.
  • A hostile disposition means that a Stalker will attack another Stalker on sight.
  • Certain storyline events are scripted to alter the player's stance to various Factions as plotline devices.
Bandit Duty Ecologist Freedom Loner Mercenary Military Monolith Sin
Bandit Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral? Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral?
Duty Hostile Friendly Friendly Hostile Neutral Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile
Ecologist Neutral Neutral Friendly Neutral Neutral Neutral Friendly Hostile Neutral?
Freedom Neutral Hostile Hostile Friendly Neutral Neutral Hostile Hostile Hostile
Loner Hostile Neutral Neutral Neutral Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile
Mercenary Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile
Military Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile
Monolith Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile
Sin Neutral? Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Neutral Friendly