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A device intended for the detection of anomalous zones as well as hotbeds of radioactive pollution. Needs to be attached to the belt and turned on to operate correctly. The range of detection is very high. Combining the simple and advanced detectors in one package, this one is the best way to stay alive in the Zone.
- Inventory description


  • This is indeed a superior detector as mentioned in the description.


  • Most anomalies are detected, their differences reported to the user mainly by audio tones relevant to the field.
  • Gravitational anomalies also have a general 'field of effect' marked in the mini-map by a large orange marker. This allows the player more freedom and information when running through anomaly clusters.
  • The device does not report the presence of Burner or Comet anomalies and is also unreliable around Lift phenomena.
  • Also functions well as a Radiation detector.



  • Turns on automatically when attached to belt
  • This detector will sound almost constantly, even beeping at dangers above your head on the top of telephone poles.
  • Its beep is extremely loud, with the volume unfortunately increased far beyond the advanced detector.