Eliminate the mercs is an optional one-shot side-mission that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This is one of two available side-missions available from Barkeep when he relocates to the Outskirts Bar.


  • The task involves the extermination of the Merc camp on Darkscape.
  • The Mercenaries are armed with TRs 301 assault rifles and clad in nothing stronger than Mercenary suits.
  • They are 15 in number, and will be using grenades.
  • There is an assortment of abandoned vehicles that may be used for cover.
  • The coastal vegetation works in favour of the Mercs for cover.


  • If the player is going to take this mission on, then it may be profitable to combine it with side-missions from Alex and Lukash.
  • Drawing the Mercs out of the Service Area so that they attempt flanking moves and sacrifice their cover in the process is one option.
  • Grenades will also soften them up, but this will also damage any weapon loot.
  • In general, about ten opponents will defend the Service Area, two more the Docks, and the others will inhabit the nearby shipwreck that vaguely resembles the Skadovsk.


  • Sometimes, one lone Merc will make a nuisance of himself if the player acquires the Moskvich or UAZ Jeep from the southern end of Darkscape and visited the Abandoned Village in the process.
  • Killing him isn't a problem, and Barkeep will still issue this mission later in the game, but it has an excellent likelihood of not completing properly.