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Eliminate the bandits (Countryside) is an optional side mission available in all versions of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

These bandits are too close for comfort. I'm not a fighter, please deal with them for me.
- Mission briefing



  • Hermit offers this side mission only when the player is in possession of the Functional psi-helmet (after completion of Find the scientist.)
  • The six bandits in the village are pretty well armed and the terrain is heavily overgrown, but that should not pose a problem to the player in this stage of the game.
  • The side mission is repeatable.
  • Reward improved for v1.4007.


  • Hermit is often unresponsive when approached. A simple "save - reload" cures this.
  • He offers two elimination tasks but they may not run concurrently.