Electro anomalies are common features throughout the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha zone.

An anomalous formation, roughly 10 meters in diameter, accumulating large quantities of static electricity. When triggered, the anomaly bursts out in dozens of miniature lightnings, causing electric shock nearly always lethal to all living beings. Recognizable by the bluish fog hovering above it in daylight. At nighttime, the Electro can be revealed using any type of detector or by throwing metal objects into the anomaly. Forms three types of artifacts: Sparkler, Flash and Moonlight.
- Encyclopedia description


  • Has two basic states.
  • In the undischarged state this anomaly is detrimental to the organism if its trigger radius is entered.
  • Discharging it with a bolt (or encouraging a small animal to run through it) renders the area safe for a short period during the recharge cycle.


  • Frequently occurs in multiple clusters, where triggering one anomaly leads to a 'cascade' triggering effect.
  • Such clusters usually have overlapping trigger radii.