The Dwarf hand is a mutant body part that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Hand severed from one of the rarest encounters in the Zone - a braun dwarf. One can feel the hardness of the skin, as if it's made from steel.
- Inventory description


  • Since Karlitos are incredibly rare and have a probability of 0.3 of spawning this body part, the item itself is correspondingly extremely unlikely to spawn for the player.


  • Mercifully, no side mission tasks have this item as their (unlikely) objective.
  • Considering the nominal rarity of the mutant itself, the base value seems unintuitive.
  • In version 1.4007 renamed to "Karlito Hand"


  • Replaces the Izlom's arm that previous manifestations of the Karlito spawned in very early versions of the game.
  • The 'braun' typo is from the gamefiles.


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