Duty HQ is a minor location found in Rostok Factory, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Well, we got the Ecologists to mix up a deadly cocktail of poisonous gases to kill the bastards, but it hasn't worked. We can still hear them howling. Someone will have to go in there with a gas mask and assess the situation.
- Dima, to Strelok upon mission acquisition.

Overview Edit

  • An abandoned office building used by Duty as a base.
  • The building starts off filled with toxic fumes, however will later be cleared and be repopulated again.
  • Herstel along with several other Duty officers will take residence in the building when this happens.

Storyline Edit

I suppose that's where I come in, right?
- Strelok, to Dima talking about Duty HQ
  • Gasmask in hand, the player heads towards the Duty HQ to finish off the final bloodsucker above ground. After wading through the thick, green, toxic fumes, the player finds the last dead Duty officer and the last PDA laying by his side. Upon picking it up, a wail echoes through the HQ, the last bloodsucker was close by.
  • After dispatching the hungry mutant, the player takes the gathered PDAs back to Dima, putting the fallen officers to rest and enabling access back to the HQ for decontamination. After some talk with Dima, the player is tasked with clearing the final part of the infestation, X14. The door was locked when they realized where the Bloodsuckers were coming from, but the only person with a key is Petrenko.
  • With this information, the player then sets out to speak with Petrenko back at the Great Metal Factory.

Side Missions Edit

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Notes Edit

  • In order to reach the safe, the player must head to the roof then jump down through the hole.
  • The safe code is "4-3-7" and can be used before acquisition during the storyline (v1.30013 - v1.4002)
  • The safe code is four digits in length as of v1.4005. The code is now "2-3-4-3".

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