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The Duty Guide in a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This NPC only appears if the player joins the Duty faction.
  • It is possible to subvert the plot with the effect that this character remains on the board and may be used later in the game.


  • Just as "guides" were present in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, this one performs a similar function, but there are differences.
  • The NPC spawns when Voronin assigns the player to Infiltrate freedom bar and takes up station next to the ruined jeep near the Arena entrance in Great Metal Factory.
  • He transports the player to his identical twin located a short distance from the Swamps exit in the Outskirts, relatively near to the Bloodsucker and the Anomaly Field #1.
  • In the normal course of the game, once the mission has been executed, the twin returns the player to Rostok for debriefing and both copies are removed from the game.


  • It is possible to exploit the game and make one's own way back to Rostok via Swamps. This course results in the 'non-use' of the Duty Guide and both copies remain on the game board.
  • The route to take is trivial (Swamps, Dead City, Military Warehouses, Rostok) but can result in some peculiar effects, such as being dropped from altitude into the swamps close to the southern bloodsucker.
  • Performing this exploit results in a possible "quick-jump" back to Rostok as a one-shot opportunity later in the game. It does not carry over into Freeplay.
  • The Rostok end of this "underground railway" is susceptible to Blowouts, even though his station is very close to the Arena door, which is a survivable outdoor location during Blowouts.
  • The character's name is volatile - hence the generic title.