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Dushman is a supporting character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and the purported leader of the Mercenaries.


  • In the normal course of gameplay the player never gets to see the face of this character. He is killed off by the Military during the "Jail scene" and the corpse remains face down afterwards.
  • If the "Jail scene" is exploited as detailed here, then he will usually still get scratched by the Military, but this time the player may be able to see his face in repose (Gallery pics 1-3)


Variation One

  • Rarely, it may be able to exploit / glitch the Dead City sequence by:
  1. Introducing at the check-in as normal,
  2. Going upstairs to the Informant as normal,
  3. Stepping well away from the Informant, shooting him, and keeping well away from his vicinity to minimize the "punch"...
  • In this sequence of events, the player does not get transported to Jail but is free to walk around and may shoot the Mercs in the Cultural center with impunity.
  • Any converging Mercs from outside will be more aggressive.
  • Progressing this downstairs, the player may meet and 'talk' to Dushman.
  • Conversation is short on pleasantries and it is advisable to retire this well-armed opponent.

Variation Two

  • Easier Variation:
  1. Introduce as normal at the check-in, do not go upstairs.
  2. Go down the stairs as far as the guard,
  3. Knife him in the face..,
  4. Quickly jump over his remains to avoid the "punch" that is scripted,
  5. Turn on headlight until the non-occurring cutscene times out,
  6. Wander around to Dushman optionally face-knifing solitary Mercs.
To converge back to the storyline, simply open the cell door and enter quickly.


  • No biography since hostile and truce / hostile NPCs do not show on the PDA.
  • The actual model for the face needs further research.
  • The name "Dushman" is probably taken from the noun düşman, which is of Persian origin and means Enemy. Besides Persian, it's also found in languages such as Turkish and Bosnian.