Documents from Lab X18, part 1 is a storyline quest item that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Teleportation; there’s few tailored definitions or technical theories on the actual science of doing it. Realistically the problem isn't impossibility, but how to circumvent the laws of nature - a truth, but not an irreversible finality - to create wormholes. However, the research of the other laboratories have yielded “strange stones” with extraordinary properties that - if controlled and applied properly - makes teleportation and other such feats possible! I’m sure of it, even if it a wild theory in my head. I have to write down some diagrams and notes to demonstrate the concept… I can only imagine what would be possible if other types of these “artifact stones” can be manufactured.
- PDA description


  • Referred to in the player's inventory as Wormholes - Karl D.


  • The easiest and quickest acquisition route is to jump through the "anomalous hole" near Documents from Lab X18, part 2. Keep towards the wall and walk into the edge of it.
  • Being tooled for combat is advised. A cutscene will be triggered after a few steps, the conclusion of which leaves the player under imminent attack from the Bloodsucker. The cutscene also relocates the player inside the defunct laboratory area, so back-stepping will help avoid contact with it.
  • The Documents from Lab X18, part 1 are lying on a bookshelf as shown with the Biologist's PC adjacent. Examination of this is also advised.
  • The Ecologist's PC around the corner in the antechamber is non functional.