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Document is a quest item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

- Inventory description



  • Picking up the Document triggers a Military raid on the Monolith Base, during which the player is advised to keep a low profile.
  • The military strike force is heavily outgunned but may advance as far as the player's location in the office, certainly there is the risk of a blast from a grenade thrown by either side.
  • Taking the Document also starts the Reach Darkscape mission whereby the player is supposed to acquire the local Lada Niva Hospital Service deathtrap and attempt a helicopter chase to the Level transfer point.
  • More pragmatic stalkers may find that looting the Mils and arbitraging the weapons to the Monolith inhabitants, looting the office of its useful items for personal use, and walking to the Level transition (not taking the car) may be even more profitable at this stage.
  • Occasionally, some of the Monolith are casualties too and this may provide the player with an early NATO weapon: IL 86 and TRs 301 being the more likely finds, an SGI 5k rarer, and a GP 37 an exceptionally rare find.


  • Mousing over the item brings up the 'Document' descriptor but the inventory icon does not show. World model has the appearance of a large folder.