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The Destroyed Soviet Building is a minor location in the Garbage in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Lost Alpha.


  • This is the old Flea Market that was seen in both canon games that incorporated versions of the Garbage level. It has been reworked and repositioned for the Lost Alpha.
  • The building is unrecognizable as to what its previous intention was (save for two giant pipes protruding from the back of the building)
  • An old soviet hammer and sickle statue can be found out the front.
  • The back area is full of broken concrete slabs and a small tunnel filled with Burnt Fuzz anomalies.


  • No storyline events take place at this location.

Side Missions

  • No side missions take place at this location.

Notable Loot

  • x1 Medkit can be found inside the small hut (behind the 2 large canisters).


  • The back area upon first arrival will have three Bandits sat around a campfire.
  • After Bes relocates to the Green House after the conclusion of the Kill the sniper task, these bandits occupy what was Bes' Camp and harass the player as he / she passes through the area.
  • One of the gang remains behind as a non-volatile corpse for the remainder of the game and carries a Small toolkit as potential loot.