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Deedee is a major character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Colleague of Sakharov and head of science at the lost factory research institute. Studies the effects of electromagnetic fields and ultrasonic frequencies on the human mind by studying the X16 lab and the Brain Scorcher psy-emissions.
- PDA contact biography


  • Unknown.


  • Deedee appears in the storyline as the guiding force for the player during the sequence that takes place in Countryside, the Lost Factory and Lab X16.
  • Deedee never moves from the safety of his office / workshop.
  • He is also one of the small number of NPCs that issue optional Side Missions, some of which are repeatable.
  • Due to the fact that he is a "Faction trader" in a similar capacity to the Bandit trader, his pricing structure will be attractive if the player is on friendly terms with the Ecologists.
  • There are possible bugs in the gameplay where the player becomes "locked out" of the bunker, especially if playing as a Duty faction member. Return from Countryside missions may leave the player unable to offload the various toolkits to Deedee with the result that they will be 'luggage' until a similar mission can be obtained from Sakharov. In version 1.3003 these missions no longer exist for Sakharov with the result that the luggage becomes permanent deadweight but exists the solution. Go out to the i.e. Countryside and back to Lost Factory. Now Deedee will have the quest for the next toolkits. Repeat it until you get rid of all this stuff.
  • BUG: If you are a Duty member and you have the Functional Psi-Helmet, DeeDee will not open the door for you (1.4007). This is not game-breaking, but you can no longer buy & sell stuff from DeeDee or complete his side quests, and you cannot retrieve anything left in the stash in the lab.

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