Data on measurements of anomalous fields is upgrades data for technicians that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Десятки страниц с данными о замерах различнейших аномальных полей, а так же источников радиации и пси-излучения. Последние четыре страницы посвящены чертежам и способам усиления костюмов от аномальной активности. Ценнейшая находка для любого механика.
- PDA information, v1.4005 (english locale)

Dozens of pages with data on measurements of various anomalous fields, as well as sources of radiation and psy-radiation. The last four pages are devoted to drawings and ways to enhance costumes from abnormal activity. A valuable find for any mechanic.
- PDA information, v1.4007


  • Upgrades data in general allow technicians to perform certain upgrades on weapons and armor.
  • The Data on measurements of anomalous fields upgrade data enables various advanced protection upgrades for a large number of protective suits.
  • Upgrades data are unique, i.e. only one specimen each exists on the board.
  • Acquisition differs in v1.4005 and v1.4007:


  • See Upgrades data for technicians for a general overview.
  • The data is weightless.
  • On acquisition the data is stored in the player's PDA and automatically shared with the technician to perform the upgrade (no need to "deliver" the data to the technicians, like the toolsets).
  • In v1.4005 the implementation in the english version is broken, in the PDA it is displayed as Данные о замерах аномальных полей with the description quoted above.



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