Got a job for you, Marked One...
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- PDA contact biography


  • Introduced from v1.4000 onwards.
  • Crash runs the trading post in the Dead City's Streets area.
  • His location is near the Sniper safe.
  • After the completion of various missions for Veles, the player is rewarded with information concerning various Secret Traders and their rough locations.
  • Crash is ostensibly one such Trader.
  • Unlike Arnie, who tends to come and go at seeming random; once spawned onto the map, Crash seems to remain for the duration.
  • His stock tends to be overpriced, so scavenging on the Dead City's Streets is usually more rewarding (but also dangerous)


  • Barrack-room tattle supposes that he was a bureaucrat outside of the Zone, and sought advancement within the game; this, however, is merely speculation.


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