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Code-door Riddle is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • Although this is not a side-mission in the true sense, it does have a tangible objective.
  • The Door-code Riddle may be comprised of two parts. The two parts enabled by interacting with Snitch at the 100 Rads Bar, the other by interacting with Geoff Henderson at the Loner Camp in the Construction Site.
  • For 1000 Rubles each they tell of a lost door code written on a piece of paper and subsequently torn up and thrown away.
  • Location of the door the code unlocks is in the Sarcophagus but there is no mention of its location by any party.

Obtaining the door code

  • The first half of the code, erroneously labelled "Nomad's code", can be obtained from Hermit.
  • The second half of the code or Mil code can be obtained from a military, located at the Military Checkpoint (Countryside). The name of the military varies, he will spawn only after Hermit has given his code and will be standing in the first guard shack on the right side when entering the checkpoint from Countryside.


  • Talking to the military will fail when you are at bad terms with the military - as soon as you identify yourself as Marked One he will attack you. As a workaround you may continue the storyline, head for Pripyat and assist the military. This will boost your relations with the military and probably set a more friendly basis for a conversation.
  • The code actually opens the door to the Stash of legends.