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Calibration tools are quest items featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod. Together with Tools for rough work and Tools for fine work, they are required by a number of Technicians to permit various equipment upgrades.

Professional set of tools for fine-tuning the equipment; The inscription on the box says that it was made in the GDR. The one that is included in the kit is sufficient for almost any adjustment and calibration work.
- Inventory description


Known locations for this item in v1.4007 are:


A target item for the following quests or side missions:

Older versions

Prior to v1.4005 this item was known as "Calibration toolkit". It was required by Deedee and/or Sakharov, as the objective of a side-mission Find a calibration toolkit.

Acquisition in older versions

Known locations for this item in earlier versions are:


  • If Deedee becomes 'immobilized' in his office, the player will be burdened with the item as dead weight (pre v1.4005).
  • The instance on Crash's armory in Dead City is fake. Actually there are no calibration tools there, fine and rough tools are available but these two are decoys.