Bring the tools to Father Diodor is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha from v1.4005 onwards.

- Father Diodor


  • The mission is given by Father Diodor after he has spawned in his repair den underneath the Loner Village in Yantar.
  • It appears to be a replication of the Bring the tools to Fox and Bring the tools to Kulibin tasks with the option being that the tools may be delivered to any of the NPCs.
  • It is very unlikely that the tools will exist in such number that ALL missions may be completed, so one mission possibly cancels the other.

A Find The Item side mission:

  1. Find the tools for rough work
  2. Find the tools for fine work
  3. Find the calibration tools

Find the tools for rough work

Find the tools for fine work

Find the calibration tools


  • The mission was introduced with patch 1.4005.
  • (v1.4007) Successful delivery of all 3 tools to Father Diodor grant 1 Skill point.


  • The mission dialogue is partially bugged, in that the request is made by Marked One ...
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